COEP takes great pride in being one of the few colleges globally that host an annual re gatta. Since its inception in 1928, it has showcased around 165 boats every year. Unlike a Regatta, which means a collection of boat races, COEP Boat Club's Regatta is a event that comprises six shows, namely Arrow Formation, Shell Games, Kayak Ballet, Telematches, Punt Formation, and Mashaal Dance. It is the magnificent outcome of rig orous practice, devotion and intense determination. This celebration, a 95-year-old legacy exhibiting a remarkable array of boats and leaving fand memories in the hearts of its participants and audience, is stepping to wards its 96th edition in 2024. Regatta has always been a canvas for all those who are passionate to portray their brilliance of skill endurance, and sportsmanship!


Regatta generally means races of boats. With these races, during the year of 1928, COEP laid the foundation for today's prodigious Regatta. By giving a shot to Punt Formation, numerous innovative brains of COEP and its faculty kept the legacy of races undaunted and resilient. Further with variety of boats, multiple events stunned the audience. 95 years old legacy stood worth, giving recognition as the "Oldest College Fest of India" by Limca Book of Records.

Boating is a sport that develops sportsmanship, strength, confidence and co-ordination. Students connect to this sport by participation and by being an audience of Regatta. CoEP motivates students participation in competitions held at district, state and national level. Rowers and Kayakers of our college with determination, focus and hard work achieved laurels and victories with flying colors.


The Regatta presents a marvelous chance for students to discover and explore water sports such as rowing, kayaking, and canoeing, potentially igniting a professional pursuit. It goes beyond being a mere competition, encompassing a broader spectrum of experiences and opportunities. 95th Regatta was held on 26th March 2023 and was a challenging event for everyone. Despite the numerous challenges, students pursued their goals and determination to participate in Regatta.

Days and nights were dedicated to meticulous planning for this grand fest. What sets Regatta apart is the participants' commitment, practicing tirelessly for a minimum of two months. It is almost impossible for the students to have hardly a month to practice and still make it to a phenomenal show. Our show was elevated by the presence of Chief Guest Honorable Mr. Abhishek Bhatewara and Mr. Bharat Phatak and star attraction Actor Vaibhav Tatwawadi.