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8th March 2020

About Us

COEP is beatified to be situated by the banks of the Mula river and holds extreme pride in being one of the few colleges in the world to have its own Regatta.The name itself suggests that regatta is a series of boat races. Basically the event comprises of six shows, namely the Arrow Formation, Shell Games , Kayak Ballet, Telematches, Punt Formation and Mashal Dance. This event exhibits some of the most unique and rarest boats that exist in the country today. This gala, which is a 91year old legacy is a major attraction for the people of Pune and draws in a large crowd every year. Being one of the oldest events in the History of Pune, Regatta enters into it's 92nd edition next year. Regatta has always been a canvas for all those who are ready to portray their brilliance of skill, endurance and sportsmanship!

Our Theme

92nd Regatta proudly presents you its theme as GRACING LEGACIES. Whatever the world today is or whoever we are at this moment is a compilation of endless things from the past. Some have been lost in vast sea of time while some have managed to surf through the waves of adversities and reach till us. These are THE LEGACIES. Every great thing existing today reflects the vision of our forefathers that in turn created a legacy. We see it as our responsibility to honor and credit all of these legacies and take it forward to make sure it doesn't die. We strive to create more such legacies in the form of education, sports and culture. We wish to have the support of all such people who are a legacy in themselves or wish to create one. We believe that even if people don't stay, their ideals remain, their work stays and continues to inspire millions no matter at what point of time the world is functioning. Our annual fest Regatta is a 91 year old legacy, the oldest college fest in Asia. Close to reaching that magic figure 100, we aim to leave no stone unturned to grace this magnificent legacy !

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